Sponsorship and Show Launch Announcements

For the launch of BT Sport's 5pm football coverage, we had to shoot all the talent along with real-life 4 foot letters and then retouch in a background to ensure the same creative look & feel as the rest of the on-air campaign.

To launch BT's sponsorship of all home nations football teams, they wanted a shot of four players in BT branded kit. That sounds so simple but the reality was a logistical and technical challenge. We could only get access to three of the four players (one team was locked in a training camp) and so one image had to be an existing shot. Of the other three, we had to shoot 2 players in the UK and one player in Europe at the same time (and in a technically consistent way) and then re-touch and comp all images to produce the final asset 12 hours later!

Here are the end results...